Generate Unlimited Traffic Using Facebook Groups

You can generate tons of traffic to your website using Facebook because it seems like everyone out there is on Facebook these days.  Therefore, it comes without saying that there’s going to be traffic potential at Facebook.

As you know there’s a lot of different ways to drive traffic. You can advertise on FB ads or generate traffic through your own page. What I am going to show in this post is using Facebook groups and it’s a very straightforward process.

This is easy to do and there’s no special skills require and there are no hidden secrets. There are a lot of groups out there and just about every niche you can think of that basically segments people on Facebook into different groups.

Therefore, it’s a really powerful way to reach people in any niches and I just kind of came up with one off the top of my head here about passive income or work from home.  It’s fun while you drive targeted traffic to your landing page and make little money here and there.

If you are targeting this niche here is a group of over 20,000 people who like to make money online and here is another 30,000 plus of people. Just imagine, if you have this kind of visitors to your website, you worry not about traffic anymore.

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You add all these up, that’s a whole lot of people and these groups allow you to reach out to those people and be a part of the conversation, which is important. It also allows you to literally drop your link so it shows up in front of a lot of these people. Only Facebook groups you’re able to drop your website link.

If you post a link on people’s page some of them won’t even allow it, and some of them will. It’s not going to show up on their timeline and everyone who follows that page is not going to see your link. It’s going to show up on the side in a little bitty box that nobody really looks at.

You can do a search, find all groups named or whatever your keyword you have, then click groups on the top navigation bar. You can join these groups in most cases they’ll all approve you and some not.

Once you’re approved you can go in every time you post a new article to your site as long as that’s a good quality article you can go in and post your article to these groups. The good thing is that your article link will show up directly on that wall in that news feed, and the feed of that group. Therefore, everyone in that group is going to see it.

As you can see it’s pretty obvious how that works and how that can result in good traffic. This is a very simple thing and there’s no secret strategy involved. However, it’s something that’s a lot of people already knew and some of them thought it couldn’t work for them so they stop trying.

Try not to spam the groups you are in because by providing a good value to the groups is most important thing to do. You can post as many link as you want as long as it’s a highly targeted group to your article and your article fits in with that group. Hence, this will not consider spammy and it’s a good quality content. Thus, you can see really good results with lot of traffic driven to your links.

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