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How to Increase YouTube Views? We did a one-hour deep dive YouTube master class, and during that training there was a part where I taught on how to get more views on YouTube this year, focusing on some of the basics and fundamentals and YouTube best practices.

While you may have heard of some of these strategies before, I’m reminded of the quote from Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of all time when he said, “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

Do you really want to crush it on YouTube this year? It’s important that we may be re-look at some of the basic best practices around YouTube and really ask ourselves, have we mastered them? Have we really perfected them or can we still grow in these areas? And I think you’ll appreciate some of the fresh insights that are also a part of this training.

Let us look at the new rules for YouTube success this year and some of the strategies that I’m focusing on. Here’s a question, rhetorical. What does YouTube value most? If we want to crush it on YouTube, it’s probably important to know what YouTube values most so that we can play by their rules and only we can win on the platform.

What does YouTube value most? Well, I can see most people think it is maybe subscribers, likes or views. The most important YouTube value has been known for some times, which are YouTube minutes. It will show into your analytic of your YouTube channel, you’ll see this same stack, right? Subsequently, you’ll see that there’s a reason minutes is at the top of the list. What YouTube realized a couple years ago, was that, well, views are important but you can win the views.

Only if you did a tricky click bait thumbnail and title, and you got people to click on your video.

There are a lot of people doing that, you could get a lot of views but if people only watched for one second, that’s actually not connection.

In fact, that’s almost meaningless because if someone only watches for 1 or 10 seconds, right? That’s not a metric, there’s no connection, there’s no depth. In this case, well, minutes though, is like 10x more powerful than a view because if somebody watches an entire minute it means your video capture your audience attention.

Your audience just a stranger and they doesn’t know you, and in our busy lives, they watch a whole minute of your content, it’s a big deal. Don’t you think so?

The first strategy that we need to take is how you really increase your watch time? Part of the strategies is thumbnail, title, hook and content. It is important to really think through that people never go from not watching your videos to like finishing your video and subscribing.

That might happen but there’s so many things that need to happen in between, and that we should remember about doing the best practices at every stage along the way. So what I mean is that if before anyone ever watches your video, they have to read your title. And usually before they read your title, they have to look at your thumbnail. These are some basics before they click on your video link.

So, my question is, can you level up your thumbnails, your titles this year? I think you can, and I think you need to because even though this might even be common sense for those of us that have been on YouTube for awhile, it’s not necessarily common practice. The question comes to you again. Do you executing at a 10/10 level? If not, I really want you to work on it this year.

That includes on how can you make your thumbnails provocative to kind of capture attention? What about a 400mm pocket camera? So for any photographer, that’s outrageous. Normally this lens is what, 400mm it is, but Canon released this 400mm concept camera that fits in my hand, so I wanted to think, how I could make the most attention-grabbing thumbnail possible and then knowing, though, that it starts with the thumbnail but one mistake I see people make their thumbnail even say the same words as their title.

You don’t want to put too many words in your title. Try to put less and less words. And try to put two, probably at the most four most of the time. However, notice the title is much longer, and it builds it out more. “A 400mm Canon Camera Lens That Fits in Your Pocket”

People are going to look at your thumbnail first then you need a great title, master that skill, and then you need the hook. Just because someone clicks, they are not going finish your video. Look at your analytics and analyze it.

Again, if you want to get watch time, and if minutes matter most, you want to master this stuff, right? And so you want to craft the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video to tease and create interest for people to watch the whole video and then think about how I can make the content itself engaging? How can I make it half short and twice strong? Are there dead spots? Are there spots that people could lose attention? Is there just spots that are, you know, moments people would click away?

And a power tip here is to go into your analytic later, and study the audience retention of your videos. If I do this in a YouTube video and you don’t see my face anymore, I can see in my analytic of that audience retention that’s actually where people drop off.

So one of the things that we try to do is on YouTube videos that aren’t like a master class like this, we try to actually make a slide like 80% of the screen and keep me on the screen like 20% to keep the eye contact going. The only reason I learned from studying how is my content performing, and how can I improve my content to get more watch time.

You are going to do that this year, ’cause minutes matter most. I hope that you found this post helpful even though some of those tips were common sense, that doesn’t meant that they are common practice, right? I think that all of us could do better at getting back and mastering the fundamentals.

It’s the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. We can all learn from that when it comes to YouTube. I hope you can get more views and start to generate more passive income for years to come.

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